Teaching Improvement Program (PAE)

Teaching Improvement Program (SITE), regulated by Ordinance GR 3588, of April 10 from May of 2005, intended exclusively Graduate students enrolled at the University of São Paulo in the Master's and Doctorate.
Its main objective is to improve the training of post-graduate teaching activity for undergraduate and its composition consists of two steps: Teaching and Supervised Internship Preparation for Teaching.
The program is mandatory for all CAPES scholarship (whose regulation calls for an educational stage) and it is optional for other students.

• Educational Preparation

The Educational Preparation is carried out in a discipline PAE.
There is the possibility of our students perform PAE courses from other programs that cater to the educational preparation. In this link you can access all SAP disciplines approved at USP .

Below the list of subjects of the EESC that are valid and able to receive registration as PAE discipline in the second half:

CELL 5720 - Educational Preparation
SEM 5892 - Methodology and Research Bibliography
SEP 5823 - Methods and Technologies to support the education process and
Learning in Engineering
SET-5927 - Educational Preparation: Teaching Strategies in Structural Engineering
SGS 5833 - Educational Preparation: Education in Geotechnical Engineering
SHS 5722 - Engineering Teaching Methodology
STT 5893 - Instructional Strategies

on the occasion, remember that the discipline of pedagogical preparation stage, which is a prerequisite for the student to enroll in PAE, It must be completed before the stage PAE.

• Supervised Internship in Teaching

The student has to be approved in the course of pedagogical preparation to be able to carry out the Supervised Internship in Teaching. That is, the stage in any discipline graduation under the supervision of a teacher. In this period you may receive an additional grant to be combined with the research grant. However, you can participate in a supervised internship as a volunteer in one semester, which will lead to you get the bag in a next semester.

At the end of stage, after the formalities, participants who obtain satisfactory use are entitled to a certificate and, the discretion of the Graduate Commission, may receive credit for the activity.

The program is optional to the University Graduate Students, except those who are covered by CAPES Social Demand, whose regulation calls for stage.

• Additional Information

For more informations, visit the link that describes the SAP program at the EESC. In this link are the instructions for registration.

ATTENTION: Stay tuned to the six-month notice of PAE. It is always launched in the previous six months well in advance. constantly visiting the above link, you can know if the announcement of the next six months has been released or not (on the "Documents").