02 – Teachers of the Department of Eng. Transportation throw the book “Geometric Design of Highways”

Four STT teachers launched on 28, at 19 hours, Cia in the Shopping Iguatemi São Carlos Books, the book Geometric Road Project (Elsevier, 2017, 344 pages, R$89,90), The authors are teachers, Irineu da Silva and Paulo Cesar Lima Segantine, in addition to the retired teachers Carlos R. T. Pepper and Márcio P. Oliveira.

The book discusses the major theories and techniques related to the geometric design of roads, in order to provide the reader with information and comprehensive concepts about each stage of the project, so that it can, in principle, apply them directly to their engineering problems and, if necessary, use them in computer programming routines.

The issues addressed in the text consider the technological advances of recent decades on new enabling technologies, numerical modeling concepts of land, automation earthmoving machinery and computerized highway project, among others. Fundamentally it is a book that can be used both as support material for civil engineering courses, as a technical reference material for professionals involved with the geometric design of roads.

The authors are civil engineers graduated more than 30 criteria and the , and during their working lives they worked in road agencies in the private sector and higher education institutions.

Shopping Iguatemi is located in Promenade des Flamboyants, 200, in San Carlos.

About the authors
Carlos R. T. Pepper is a civil engineer by the EESC and transport engineering master also the EESC. He worked as an engineer in the Roads Department of the São Paulo State, Promon Engenharia S / A and as director of Tecimo Construction and Engineering Ltd.. It is a retired professor of the EESC and the UNICAMP School of Engineering.

Irineu da Silva is a civil engineer by the EESC and a doctorate in geosciences from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, in Switzerland. He is currently associate professor of STT.

Marcio P. Oliveira is a civil engineer and Master in Transportation Engineering from the EESC. It is a retired engineer of the Department of Highways of the State of São Paulo and retired professor of the EESC and the Catholic University of Campinas.

Paulo Cesar Lima Segantine is a civil engineer from the Federal University of Espírito Santo (UFES) and PhD in transport engineering from the Polytechnic School of USP. He is currently associate professor of STT, It has two postdocs obtained at the University of Maine (USA) and the University of Minho (Portugal).