Guidance and Research Lines

Postgraduate Program in Transport Engineering ((PPG-ET) ) is organized in two focused areas, , each with several lines of research. . The research lines are developed by one or more researchers from the department,, with the collaboration of graduate students and researchers from other institutions , of Brazil and abroad. . These focused areas are not sealed or like a line on the stone. Several researchers of the department, work and guide students in other areas as well, besides the boundary of these two focused areas. . You can learn more about the research lines of each department supervisor by visiting the pages about the program leaders and their Lattes curriculum. .


Planning and Operation

Planning and Operation of Transportation Systems

Some lines of research are:

  • OF SYSTEMS OPERATION TRANSPORTESAlguns projects in development:
    – Analysis and evaluation of transport systems
    – operational analysis of transport networks
    – urban planning and transport
    – Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) (Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS))
    – Traffic and road safety
    – road safety and driving simulators

Accredited advisors

Ana Paula Camargo Larocca

Ana Paula Camargo Larocca
Antonio Nelson Rodrigues da Silva
André Luiz Nunes Barbosa da Cunha
Cira Souza Pitombo
José Reynaldo Anselmo Setti

Infraestucture- Infrastructure

Infraestucture- Infrastructure

line of research and projects:

  • Geomatics APPLIED

    Some projects under development:

  • Geomatics applied to transport infrastructure
  • Geomatics applied to transportation planning
  • Structuring of geodetic monitoring systems
  • Combination of geodetic sensors - Total Station, , Digital level, GNSS, laser Scanner, Electronic Level and others
  • Topographic and geodetic monitoring of road infrastructure
  • Quality in Geomatics

Accredited advisors

Ana Paula Camargo Larocca
Irineu da Silva
Paulo César Lima Segantine

Infraestucture - Paving

Infraestucture- Paving

Some lines of research are:


    Some projects under development:
    – Numerical analysis of transport infrastructure
    – Characterization of materials for transport infrastructure projects
    – Use of solid waste and recycled materials in transport infrastructure projects
    – Stabilization, improvement and reinforcement of soils in transport infrastructure projects
    – Design and management of transport infrastructure

Accredited advisors

Adalberto Leandro Faxina
Ana Paula Furlan
Glauco Tulio Pessa Fabbri
Jose Leomar Fernandes Júnior
Jefferson Lins da Silva
Rogério Pinto Ribeiro