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The Postgraduate Program in Transportation Engineering ((PPG-ET) ) is composed of two main areas: : (i) Planning and Operation of Transportation Systems and (ii) Transportation Infrastructure..
The curricular structure provides two sets of disciplines:: a set of compulsory subjects and a set of electives. . Compulsory subjects must be taught to all students. , The aim is to create a common knowledge base, consisting on the basic principles of transportation engineering, instructional strategies and technical communication. . Furthermore, the elective courses , chosen by the student, , in agreement with their supervisor, , serve to deepen their knowledge in specific aspects of interest, for the masters or doctoral research..
The set of compulsory subjects varies between the two focused areas, , to meet the requirements of each area efficiently.. The basic set, , which must be taken by students from both areas, , comprises of the following disciplines:

  • STT5859 Transportation Technology ( 1º.. half), which covers topics of transportation economics; ; Supply, , demand and balance between supply and demand; ; Models of vehicle locomotion and energy consumption by transportation vehicles;; human factors; Mathematical modeling of vehicular flows; ; Capacity and level of service on highways; Semaforizacion and traffic control at traffic signal crossings.; semaforização and traffic control at intersections semaforizados.
  • STT5850 Transportation Engineering Topics I ( 1 º. half), directed primarily for graduate students and consists of a series of seminars and discussions on research in transportation engineering;
  • STT5893 Instructional Strategies ( 2º. half), directed to doctoral and master's students, , in which they discuss strategies for communication and education.
  • STT5861 Fundamentals on transportation infrastructure (1th semester), which deals with aspects relating to the transportation of road design ((paving, , drainage, geometric design etc.)).

PhD students who prove that they have studied subjects equivalent to those required in , the master's degree are exempted from attending them again, They are exempted from pursuing them again.
– subjects offered in the catalog: 1º. semester 2019 e 2Th semester 2018 . Additional information can be found at Sistema Janus Web.
All elective courses can be routed by students in master's or doctoral and are open to students in two areas of concentration.

PhD students only take elective courses, , because they have already taken the compulsory courses in the master’s program.. If they have completed a Masters in another institution, , they must also take , the compulsory courses..

In addition to optional courses offered by the Graduate Program in Transport Engineering, the Rules of the USP allows graduate students cursem subjects offered by any of the USP postgraduate program. This provision is particularly suitable for cases in which the search requires knowledge outside the transport engineering.

In addition, to optional courses offered by PPG-ET, the rules of the USP allows 30% postgraduate students to follow subjects offered by any USP Postgraduate program. . This provision is particularly appropriate for cases where research requires knowledge , outside the area of transportation engineering..