Coffee, Lines & Transports



Coffee, Lines & Transport was created to involve, cozy and relaxed, speakers received by the Graduate Program in Transport Engineering and meetings between the various research groups.

The idea arose from a demand, signed by Program graduate students, by interaction with different research groups of the program itself and other Graduate Program.

The Graduate Program in Transportation Engineering received the following speakers:

2013, 2014, 2105, 2016

  • panelist: Professor Elisabete Freitas, Minho's university (Portugal)
    Title: The safety and road noise: route from the acquisition of the sound to the experience in a virtual environment
    Data: 15/11/2016
  • panelist: Prof. João Mendes Moreira, University of Porto, Portugal
    Title: machine learning to improve planning and control bus companies
  • panelist: Prof.. Professor Anabela Simoes,Universidade Lusófona - Lisbon, Portugal
    Title:Technology shipped to autonomous vehicles from the point of view of the man-machine cooperation
  • panelist: Patricia Delhomme, IFSTTAR, France
    Title:Young drivers: Some recommendations to lead them safer and greener
  • panelist: Prof.. Professor Anabela Simoes,Universidade Lusófona - Lisbon, Portugal
    Title:Driving and young drivers
  • panelist: Prof. 1. Mauricio Roberto Veronez, Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos,UNISINOS, Rio Grande do Sul
    Title:Remote Sensing and 3D visualization: Trends and Challenges in Infrastructure and Transportation Planning
  • panelist:Prof. Doutor Luis Miguel Gutiérrez Klinsky
    Title:Highway Research Center CCR Nova Dutra
  • panelist: Prof.. Professor Anabela Simoes, Universidade Lusófona - Lisbon, Portugal
    Title:Embedded technologies and human-machine cooperation: Impact on road safety
  • panelist:PhD Marine Millot, National Institute for Research on Transport and Safety -INRETS - France Título:Process choice between BRTs (Bus Rapid Transit) and LRTs (Light Rail Transit), focusing on urban road safety
    panelist:Prof. 1. Hussain U. Bahia, Professor da University of Wisconsin, U.S
    Title:The need for modified bitumen andadvances in testing these binders
  • panelist:Professor of the Department of Telecommunications at the University of Florida, U.S
    Title: Communicating diversity: The key to success in the global market of the century 21
    Data: 24/06/2013
  • panelist: 1. Huapu LU, professor, Director of the Institute of Transportation Engineering of Tsinghua University
    Title:Towards the green transport in China
  • panelist:Prof. 1. Guenter Emberger, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
    Title:Public transport for (disabled) people in Vienna, Austria
  • panelist: Engineer Claudio Luiz Neves Filho Dubeux, egress, project engineer of the CCR Group
    Title: Brazilian and International Experience and Future Trends in Project and Paving Works
  • panelist: Eng. José Antonio Oka, DETRAN, SP
    Title:Functions and presentation of the traffic observatory "



– Lecture "Use of models in planning", given by Professor Eduardo Nuno Pinto North, the University of Manchester, in England (said university and participate together USP project funded by FAPESP)
– Palestra “Big Data in Transportation”, given by Professor Mohamed Abdel-Aty, da University of Central Florida (UCF), U.S (said University and USP, via PPG-ET have General Cooperation Agreement)
– Palestra “Introduction to human factors and driving simulator”, given by Professor but Pirdavani, because Hasselt University, Belgium (said University and USP, via PPG-ET have Double-Titration Agreement)
– Palestra “Driver interactions with vehicle technologies, given by Professor Birsen Donmez, da University of Toronto, Canada (said university and have USP General Cooperation Agreement)
– Lecture "Research on geosynthetics in FEUP-Portugal" given by Professor Maria de Lourdes da Costa Lopes, the Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto (said university and have USP General Cooperation Agreement)
– Gym “Dealing with experiments without replication”, taught by Professor Linda Lee Hoo, the Polytechnic School who
– Lecture "Logistics tomorrow: What Uber and AirBnB have to do with it?”, Full Professor Orlando Fontes Lima Junior, UNICAMP e
– Lecture "Innovation in mobility: electrification, sustainability and new business models ", Full Professor João Fernando Gomes de Oliveira, da EESC-USP.
– Seminar "recycling asphalt mixtures - and characterization of asphalt rejuvenating agent dosage" and- 2º. GeoSanca, workshop on geosynthetic materials, which included the presence of 60 people.