Political and anti-plagiarism resources

Every year, USP provides more than 5 thousand titles of master's and doctorate - one of the numbers that make your graduate the world's largest. The concern for the integrity of this academic production, which includes not just theses and dissertations, but also scientific articles in national and international journals, It is what motivated the acquisition of tools to identify and combat plagiarism at the University.

The main one is the OriginalityCheck (Turnitin). The program generates a report that shows the given text similarity percentage in relation to an extensive database, consisting of more than 143 million scholarly articles, 55 billion stored sites and 300 million students jobs.

The Postgraduate Program in Transport Engineering began to ask, since June 2017, The reporting generated by Turnitin, monograph on the delivery time for the qualifying examination and the defense. Additionally, all production derived from master's and doctoral research in progress, indicated in the Monitoring Report Scholarship, They must be accompanied by a report generated by Turnitin.

If you have questions on how to use Turnitin, visit: http://www.prpg.usp.br/index.php/pt-br/apoio-administrativo/rotinas-e-tutoriais/3565-uso-do-sistema-originality-check-turnitin