ORCID and evaluation of programs by CAPES

The Postgraduate Program in Transport Engineering started to ask students, since October 2016, the inscription on ORCID.

Higher Education Personnel Improvement Coordination of (CAPES) He began to ask, in 2017, of applicants for grants and financing of its international programs, the registration code in the ORCID (Open Research and Contributors Identification, Open Search and Identification and Collaborators).

According to CAPES, the adoption of the code is a global trend of organizations linked to research. In 2015, a group of large scientific publishers began to require the code in the submission process of scientific articles. This is possible because the handle can be used for registration in selection processes and submission of papers in academic journals across platforms. Who falls in ORCID, in addition to receiving the code, It has a space to build a profile of his production and his career, similar to a curriculum.

With the adoption of the identifier, CAPES informs you want to improve selection criteria and evaluation of program results.