The qualification in Civil Engineering from the Engineering of São Carlos (EESC) is divided into two parts.. In the first four semesters, the basic part of the course focuses on Physics, , Chemistry, Strength of materials, Mathematics and Transport Phenomena. During the period considered professional, from fifth to tenth semester, courses are divided into five departments: Department of Structural Engineering (SET), Department of Hydraulic and Sanitation (SHS), Department of Transportation Engineering (STT), Department of Geotechnics (SGS) e Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning (TAKE).

In addition to the technical disciplines, students of Civil Engineering get training in companies, develop experiments in the laboratory and elaborate professional projects.. Regardless of several possible specializations in the Civil Engineer’s career, the course provides same training to all students. Learn more about degree courses in Undergraduate EESC Service.

Learn more about degree courses in Undergraduation Service of the EESC and at hotsite of EESC.



Secretary of the Department of Transport Engineering (STT)