In 1956, research , and service activities began in the Department of Roadways and Topography (DVCT.), Later it was known as the Department of Transportation and Topography (STT) In , In the decade of 90, it was again renamed as the Department of Transportation (STT) and in 2002, Department of Transportation Engineering (STT). In 1956, the School of Engineering had been founded in less than 4 In the start, there were three department chairs:: Roads, Topography and , Transportation Engineering and Economics..

For some time, , the Department of Transportation was based on the building originally destined for the School of Engineering of Sao Carlos, , in Episcopal street 1289, the Dante Alighieri building, which is also called House of Italy. The , Department of Transportation was transferred to a set of rooms on the second floor of Block , E. 1. Dr. Carlos Botelho Avenue, 1465. as soon as the construction of the primary buildings of the campus of São Carlos, USP was completed. For several years, the Laboratory of Roads occupied one of the ends of the free space of Block E1 ( which nowadays has returned to its original appearance.), In the 80's, the laboratory was transferred, , to the place 80, where the library of EDUSP is located now.. Today, the Transportation Engineering Department occupies a constructed area of 1.700 with modern facilities, in the northern sector of the USP Campus in São Carlos. With the approvals of the Statute and the General Regulations of the University of São Paulo, in December 1969 and March 1972 1969 respectively 1972, the teaching career began to be regulated and conditions were created for the evolution of USP professors in the teaching and research careers. Herewith , the hiring of research professors has been given a new motivation, and the Department of Transportation Engineering has begun to structure itself more similar to the one that exists today. Since then, the pioneer group was reorganized in laboratories and research groups, that, has been acting in a competent and innovative way on the various sides of Transportation Engineering. During more, than 60 years of STT, the group maintained its successful characteristic of combining, pioneering and high quality research, with partnership with society, , bringing this experience of Engineering , into the classroom, both in undergraduate and postgraduate studies..