English language proficiency

Candidates who pass the selection process (notice 01/2017) must demonstrate proficiency in the English language to 18 months from the date of registration. A CCP, in its 83rd. meeting in 21/10/2016 approved the following minimum score: 450 points in test TOEFL ITP, or 55 points in TOEFL, or 5,5 points in test IELTS and testing Cambridge or superior (CAE FCE ou).

Students must have proficiency described above are:
Felipe Calsavara (delivered)
Cássio Vinicius Carletti Negri
Daniela Garcia Corassa
Gabriel Ramos
Julia Sponsor da Silva Cocozza Simoni
Juliana Cardoso Mitsuyama (delivered)
André Borgato Morelli
Daniela Vanessa Rodriguez Lara e
Samuel de France Marques

Other students must meet the exam and score listed on the ticket notice in the Graduate Program in Transport Engineering.
Foreign students must also perform proficient in Portuguese as ticket notice or regulation of the Graduate Program in Transport Engineering.