Scholarship possibility

Applicants for a regular student at the master's and doctoral program can participate in the selection process for scholarship. For that they should declare the act of inscription ou na ocasião de abertura de editais o seu interesse em participar deste processo.

The scholarship selection process is conducted by Program Exchange Commission and follow the same criteria and scoring for classification used in the selection process for admission to the program. The distribution is associated with the merit of the student and the availability of stock by research area of ​​the Program.

The grants that are part of this process are derived from the CAPES, from CNPq e Dean of Graduate USP. Bags of other agency, como FAPESP, or derived from P projects&D (Scientific Research and Development) They are managed by guiding the program themselves.


Criteria and Systematics for Candidate Selection Scholarship CAPES, CNPq and Dean (Masters and Doctorate) and Renewal of Scholarships

The Grants Committee and the Selection Process Committee of the Graduate in Transport Engineering Program are responsible for performing the distribution of grants through the classification of interested (regular students of the program without purse or entering) and meets ORDINANCE No. CAPES. 76, of April 14 , is available at 2010.

Initial Concession Period:

The Graduate Program in Transport Engineering attends the Art. 5 º. Ordinance No.. 76 CAPES, which recommends the granting of the scholarship period 12 months.

The scholarships may be renewed annually, by 12 months, up to the limit of 48 (forty-eight) for Ph.D., e 24 (twenty four) months to the Masters, More details in renovation and maintenance of the bag.



Evaluation of academic performance of graduate student

The evaluation of the academic performance of graduate student by the Grants Commission and Program Selection, will take place every six months.


Renewing Exchange

Criteria for the renewal of the Exchange

Renovation and maintenance of the bag:

The scholarships may be renewed annually, by 12 months, up to the limit of 48 (forty-eight) for Ph.D., e 24 (twenty four) months to the Masters, if the following conditions are met:

The renewal for 12 months is priority for scholars no other source of funds e condicionada ao:
Preenchimento do Relatório de Atividades Semestral com indicação do interesse na renovação da bolsa;
Aprovação do Relatório de Atividades Semestral pelo orientador;
Maior média aritmética nas disciplinas STT5859, STT5898 e STT5861, where A = 4, B=3, C=2 e Reprovação =0 (They will be considered only the common subjects to transcripts of candidates)

Situations that justify the cancellation of the Commission's bag (more information on discipline STT5899)

– in subjects Arithmetic mean STT5859, STT5898 e STT5861 < 2,3
– Cases limits loses: BCR, CCR
– Two failures recorded in disciplines,
– Fail the qualifying examination.
– Failure to meet the requirements established by the Regulation of Graduate USP, the Graduate Program in Transport Engineering, School of São Carlos USP Engineering, the Scholarship Committee of the Programme and the advisor.

compulsory subjects equivalence or not:

Program students who wish to take courses in other(s) Program(s) e solicitar equivalência de disciplinas devem providenciar os seguintes documentos: – letter requesting equivalence refers to the CCP-ET, the menu(s) discipline(s), workload, number of credits, teacher in charge. Os alunos são incentivados a enviar consulta à CCP antes da decisão de se matricularem nas disciplinas externas ao Programa.


O Art. 15 from the ORDINANCE No. CAPES. 76, of April 14 , is available at 2010 provides that under the Higher Education Institution (IES), Scholarship Committee of the Programme may proceed, anytime, replacing fellows. The Grants Commission and Program Team reserves the right to cancel the bag or perform replacement of the stock, the valuation of the graduate student's academic performance is considered unsatisfactory.

Registration for Exchange

All candidates who have declared interest in the stock market on the entry form and are approved are enrolled, automatically, the selection process for scholarships for master's classification. The criterion adopted for Bidding bags classification 1/2018 Master is the weighted average grade of the selection process of the test and the student's academic performance, having the following weights:
– 75% Process for Proof Selective; e
– 25% for the academic performance of student.


1 – Notice published in the DOE's selection process for ranking of candidates and initial grant doctoral grants from the graduate program in Transportation Engineering at EESC-USP
2 – Versão corrida em PDF
3 – Application form

1 – NOTICE 2nd Semester 2017
2 – Application form


Important: the Program CAPES grants may not be vacant in the CAPES system, so that, Program reserves the right to carry out the relocation of bags initially assigned to students, if necessary, so that there is cutting program quotas.

All candidates included MUST have an account in the Bank of Brazil, already open, for the implementation of the pouch. Without this information, development agencies can cancel the quota program grants.


Classificação para atribuição de bolsas MESTRADO (Notice 1st Half 2018) – RESULT
Results bags assignment MASTER – entering in the announcement 01/2017 – click here.
Results bags assignment MASTER – entering in the announcement 02/2017
click here.

Rating for PhD scholarships (
Notice 2nd Semester 2017) – RESULT

Terms of engagement

The terms of appointment for grants are available, as follows below:
(the secretariat has printed forms)