• post Office hours: 7h30min to 11:30; Documents delivery, up until 11h00min.

– The pouch comes out every day at 10h00min the Secretariat of the Program for the CPG EESC. Documents submitted after this time will only be sent to the CPG EESC the next day.
– Deposits or entries in the qualifying examination on the last day of the term of JANUS: documentation must, necessarily, be delivered at least the day before so that you can analyze and process the secretariat documents.
– Monographs for qualifying exam, the texts of the dissertation and thesis should be analyzed by the Turnitin software, of texts similarity check; the maximum similarity accept to not be considered plagiarism is 5 %.
the stalls (examination of defense and qualification) They must be approved at the regular meetings of the CCPpara ver o calendários das reuniões click here.

forms of the stalls, documents to copy deposit must be completed by the student and or advisor and is only valid HE forwarded by the advisor, to the secretariat of the Program.


Relatório semestral de avaliação do aluno (scholarship or no scholarship) – available from 14/11/2017 and sending, the link below.
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(inform the institutional email)
Submission Agenda: report for the 1O. semester 2017 until the day 05/01/2018;
report for the 2O. semester 2017 until the day 01/03/2018.


accepted form of guidance MASTERS

Form for use of multi-user equipment

discipline cancellation form

Special Student credit use Form Regular Student

Change form orientaçto (forward in word for a secretary)

Form registration out of time

Description on the last day of the period do Janus: o aluno deve providenciar e encaminhar a inscrição with at least one day of before.
Form for registration in the examination certificate
Inquire about the availability of rooms (if the option is held in STT) in:
Formulário de indicação de banca examinadora para qualificação de MESTRADO ou DOUTORADO
Demonstration and agreement of the Board members to read the material with the lower term 30 days


IV – NUMBER OF MEMBERS OF COMPONENTS OF THE COMMITTEES judgmental of dissertations and theses (Rules of the Graduate School Committee of Engineering of São Carlos 11/04/2017)
IV.1 The Judging Committee of the Master's Thesis will be composed of three members, one being the guiding, the president condition, the voting.
IV.2 The Judging Committees of Doctoral Theses shall be composed of five members, one being the advisor or coorientador, the president condition, the voting.
IV.3 In the absence or disability of the advisor or coorientador, will be designated a substitute for CPG to chair the Jury.
IV.4 In the composition of the jury Master and Doctorate, for the period from 06/06/2015 to 06/11/2017. Most examiners must be external to the Graduate Program, at least one external to the University of São Paulo.

Stalls Master: não são pagos deslocamentos terrestres ou aéreos e hotel aos membros da banca, only daily or fee and help offset the own vehicle in the case of use. Encourages-is or resource usage video conference.

Doctoral stalls: they are paid: daily and help offset the own vehicle in the case of use; não é paga diária de hotel; não é pago translado entre aeroporto e a EESC; to a member of the bank may be paid airfare and this case, They are not paid by the Program rates redial passage (a remarcação deve ser feita diretamente pelo membro convidado e a empresa vencedora do pregão) e o custo para despacho de bagagem. Encourages-is or resource usage video conference. Coordination should be consulted on budget availability for airfare.

Circ.CoPGr 08 2017 – Members stands by videoconference

Depósitos the last day of term do Janus: the student must submit the documentation in the office with at least one day of before: the department works only from 7:30 am until 11:30 am, Document delivery by 11 am15me

general instructions, authorization of the advisor for defense copy of the deposit, form for banking statement, SUCUPIRA data to report, ckeck general list for the conference secretariat. The banking nomination form should already present a defense date. I will not accept the copy of the deposit of the student who does not submit o check list completo – Please do not insist.

Demonstration and agreement of the Board members to read the material with the lower term 30 days
external participants – stalls 2017 e 2016
Register for a visiting professor – in French 2017
Register for a visiting professor – Brazilian
Register for a visiting professor – in English 2017

Form definitive copy routing in CPG EESC, E1
Form for approval of the requestd referendum the ATA DEFENSE
proficiency certificate delivery form in a foreign language

Forms for application for registration of locking (request in calendar days and not months):
– Documentation to be provided by the student:
1) Form for registration of locking the student (desired time and date of the beginning)
– Reason: Cheers (Medical certificate) passa na CPG, – Profissional (Work contract) only the CCP
2) Supervisor's letter confirming that the student will have to return the locking time for finishing the course
3) Schedule – (MODEL) – adjust to Doctorate
PGR OFICIO MODEL Locking Course (fill out and send in word to the Secretariat)
– Sheet student (generate PDF send to the secretariat along with the other documents)
– Documentation incomplete and without signing the supervisor will not be accepted.

Form several requests – the student himself fills and forwards it to the secretariat (statements, attestations, Data change in the system Janus, analysis of special credits, the stock suspension, etc)

Form CAPES suspension – outdoor stage (forward along with the copy of the form Seen), employment, pregnancy – deve ser encaminhado junto com o formulário de solicitações diversas para o email:, with signature of advisor. O aluno deverá enviar email para a secretaria solicitando a reativação da bolsa, the end of the period, and should copy the advisor in the message.

Application form for maternity leave

Statements and certificates It must be completed by the student, according to the needs, encaminhado junto com o * several requests completed form, for email After analysis, It will be issued( for the period from 06/06/2015 to 06/11/2017.).

key delivery receipt of support to the student entering room

EESC Regiment CPG change Aprovada_CaN_11Abr17-1s