Coffee, Lines & Transports


Coffee, Lines & Transport was created to involve, cozy and relaxed, speakers received by the Graduate Program in Transport Engineering and meetings between the various research groups.

The idea arose from a demand, signed by Program graduate students, by interaction with different research groups of the program itself and other Graduate Program, and the suggestion of one of the guiding Program, Professor José Reynaldo Anselmo Setti, to hold meetings with related research groups. Additionally, Professor Ana Paula Camargo Larocca and Professor Jose Leomar Fernandes Júnior suggested as a way of welcoming the speakers, hold a small event along the lines of Welcome Coffee practiced in many foreign universities, when they receive speakers from other institutions or graduates.

Coffee, Lines & Transportation is also home to the meetings held by the Coordinating with the research groups of guiding the Program, for clarification on the CAPES Program Evaluation, on the Qualis Capes, need for constant updating of Lattes and need for student collaboration, the dissemination of knowledge produced, by publishing articles in journals indexed.

The Graduate Program in Transportation Engineering received the following speakers:

2013, 2014, 2105, 2016

  • panelist: Professor Elisabete Freitas, Minho's university (Portugal)
    Title: The safety and road noise: route from the acquisition of the sound to the experience in a virtual environment
    Data: 15/11/2016
  • panelist: Prof. João Mendes Moreira, University of Porto, Portugal
    Title: machine learning to improve planning and control bus companies
  • panelist: Prof.. Professor Anabela Simoes,Universidade Lusófona - Lisbon, Portugal
    Title:Technology shipped to autonomous vehicles from the point of view of the man-machine cooperation
  • panelist: Patricia Delhomme, IFSTTAR, France
    Title:Young drivers: Some recommendations to lead them safer and greener
  • panelist: Prof.. Professor Anabela Simoes,Universidade Lusófona - Lisbon, Portugal
    Title:Driving and young drivers
  • panelist: Prof. 1. Mauricio Roberto Veronez, Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos,UNISINOS, Rio Grande do Sul
    Title:Remote Sensing and 3D visualization: Trends and Challenges in Infrastructure and Transportation Planning
  • panelist:Prof. Doutor Luis Miguel Gutiérrez Klinsky
    Title:Highway Research Center CCR Nova Dutra
  • panelist: Prof.. Professor Anabela Simoes, Universidade Lusófona - Lisbon, Portugal
    Title:Embedded technologies and human-machine cooperation: Impact on road safety
  • panelist:PhD Marine Millot, National Institute for Research on Transport and Safety -INRETS - France Título:Process choice between BRTs (Bus Rapid Transit) and LRTs (Light Rail Transit), focusing on urban road safety
    panelist:Prof. 1. Hussain U. Bahia, Professor da University of Wisconsin, U.S
    Title:The need for modified bitumen andadvances in testing these binders
  • panelist:Professor of the Department of Telecommunications at the University of Florida, U.S
    Title: Communicating diversity: The key to success in the global market of the century 21
    Data: 24/06/2013
  • panelist: 1. Huapu LU, professor, Director of the Institute of Transportation Engineering of Tsinghua University
    Title:Towards the green transport in China
  • panelist:Prof. 1. Guenter Emberger, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
    Title:Public transport for (disabled) people in Vienna, Austria
  • panelist: Engineer Claudio Luiz Neves Filho Dubeux, egress, project engineer of the CCR Group
    Title: Brazilian and International Experience and Future Trends in Project and Paving Works
  • panelist: Eng. José Antonio Oka, DETRAN, SP
    Title:Functions and presentation of the traffic observatory "