Welcome to the website of the Department of Transport Engineering (STT) the EESC / USP. The following pages present information related to the Departmental activities and resources in teaching and research. . The sites of Undergraduate and Postgraduate have specific information of each course.


Free Training Wolfram Language students graduate and faculty of the Department of Transport Engineering (STT) It occurs today, 03/07/2018, no LEI (Computerised Teaching Laboratory) Department of Transportation Engineering. The training will be held by the representative of Wolfram Research in Brazil, Daniel Carvalho, at the invitation of Professor André Luiz B. N. da Cunha.
A Wolfram Language It provides free software for academic licenses, so if you want to install and use the software directly to your notebook, use your email @usp.br and download the program following this link.


2O. GeoSanca day it happens 19 June 2018 and it was organized by Professor Jefferson Lins da Silva, accredited advisor in the Postgraduate Program in Transport Engineering and the mediator was the Professor Glauco Túlio Pessa Fabbri.


Research on resilience of urban mobility to lack of fuel, directed by Professor Antonio Nelson Rodrigues da Silva and developed by graduate student Marcel Martins It was featured on radio Senate.
The full interview can be accessed at the address: https://www12.senado.leg.br/radio/1/conexao-senado/pesquisa-mede-resiliencia-da-mobilidade-urbana-a-falta-de-combustivel
A summary text can be accessed in the Journal of USP, the address: https://jornal.usp.br/ciencias/ciencias-exatas-e-da-terra/pesquisa-mede-resiliencia-da-mobilidade-urbana-a-falta-de-combustível/


Guiding students and the PPG-ET ANPET received the Award for Scientific Production 2017:
– Professor Antonio Nelson Rodrigues da Silva and graduate student Marcel Carlos Martins da Mata, with the job: "A strategy for the evaluation of resilience in urban mobility" and
– Teacher Cira Souza Pitombo and students Henrique Guimarães Stramandinoli, of undergraduate and master Andreza Dornelas de Souza, with the job: "Performance analysis of machine learning algorithms for disaggregated analysis of commuting".


Professor André Luiz B. Cunha He was honored by Scivil – Academic Department of Civil Engineering – EESC-USP – 1ª Teacher Evaluation 2017. Professor André was honored, also, in 2016.


Professor Glauco Tulio Pessa Fabbri He was honored by Scivil – Academic Department of Civil Engineering – EESC-USP – 1ª Teacher Evaluation 2017. Professor Glauco was honored, also, in 2016.


PhD student Fabio S. Vieira He received the best thesis award in transport safety 2O. Abertis Chair Award-USP.

Master's qualifications

Candidate: Felipe Calsavara (master's degree)
Title: "Effects of intelligent warning systems in visual search strategies of the drivers in low visibility situations"
Data: 08/10/2018
Schedule: 14:00h
Local: Anfiteatro II do STT
Associate Professor Ana Paula Camargo Larocca - Guidance
Prof. Dr. Christine Tessele Nodari - UFRGS (v.c.)
Prof. 1. Denis Fernando Wolf - ICMC / USP

Doctoral qualifications


Recent Thesis Defenses

Candidate: Javier Nuñez Yesid Mahecha (Doctorate degree)
Title: “Cyclists´physiological stress and network planning and evaluation”
Data: 11/10/2018
Schedule: 09:00h
Local: Anfiteatro II do STT
Holder Prof. Antonio Nelson Rodrigues da Silva - Advisor
Prof. 1. Bright Pablo de Sousa – UFPB (v.c.)
Prof.. Drag. Vânia Barcellos Gouvêa Campos - EMI
Prof. 1. Rui António Rodrigues Ramos - A (v.c.)
Prof. 1. Peter Line - KIT (v.c.)



Visit to CART

no day 28 August engineers of the Ministry of Public Works and Communications of Paraguay,
participating in the broad sense of post-graduate course at the Department of Engineering
Transport paid a visit, followed by Prof. Glauco Fabbri, the duplication of works of
SP-225 - Highway João Baptista Cabral Rennó, in the region of the town of Espírito Santo do Turvo.
The home highway part of the road corridor administered by CART, concessionaire
Auto Raposo Tavares, which has a total of 834 kilometers between President Epitácio and Bauru,
sendo 444 the main shaft and 390 kilometers of local
During a visit, Paraguayan professionals were able to observe the different types of services
that make up this kind of work, such as the drainage system, earthmoving and construction
of flexible pavements, from improving the subgrade to the asphalt coating.

Around the STT University USP 2018, part of the Yellow September activities of the EESC / USP

Doctor Professor André Luiz B. N. da Cunha, through Erasmus + Mobility Lecturer – Exchange University of Zagreb and USP-EESC, taught classes and lecture at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia, in June 2018.

Seminaro MIXTURES ASPHALT RECYCLING took place on 17 e 18 , is available at 2018 and it was organized by Associate Professor Adalberto Leandro Faxina.
The event was broadcast via YouTube.

Teachers and students participated in the ANPET Congress in Recife: